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  • 4″ to 10″ 600 ANSI III pigging barrels

  • Blinds up to 12″

  • 1″ and 2″ hose sets

  • 1.7 m3 sweet blowdown tanks

  • 4 m3 sour blowdown tanks

  • Flare stacks

  • 1.75 m3 knock outs

  • Welders

  • Light towers

  • Crew trucks

  • Additional equipment available upon request

Structural Steel

At Pasco, we have (Canadian Welding Bureau) CWB crew with a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. We have completed renovations, new constructions for schools, hospitals, medical facilities, and along with oilfield platforms, metal stairways, and plant expansion. We are well rounded in all aspects of industrial, commercial and residential steel structures and any miscellaneous metal works required.