For 22 years, Pasco Maintenance has been providing dynamic solutions for the Alberta/British Colombia oil & gas industry’s diverse range of challenges. Whether it’s a facility or pipeline construction project, maintenance application, integrity check, and ensuing repair, smart pigging job, reclamation effort or well abandonment, we’ve risen to meet and complete the challenge, time after time, consistently and efficiently.

We adapt to precisely address the range of goals specific to the project at hand while adhering to industry-leading safety and quality standards. This allows us to ensure an unwavering commitment to safety while minimizing downtime and environmental impact.



Pipeline & Facility

At Pasco, we are equipped full-time to provide complete pipeline construction services for projects utilizing 2″ to 12″ diameter piping in steel, flexsteel, fiberglass, plastic and poly. We also have the capability to see your next plant or wellsite construction project through. 

Maintenance & 

We offer complete beginning-to-end turnaround services, as well as all general oilfield maintenance services.

Integrity & 

Pasco offers integrity inspection services and repair solutions. It's the backbone in Pasco's ability to succeed and grow with the future of our industry. We can perform all coating and repair services, we offer the equipment to complete the job and correctly and efficiently. 

Remote Access Equipment 

No job too far or too wet for Pasco's remote access equipment. This equipment can accommodate a wide variety of operations that would include picker, excavating, welding, reclamation and flaring, with skilled qualified workers who are dedication to safety and complete the jobs with efficiency as well as cost effective.

Vessel Alteration &

Pasco is fully certified with the Alberta Boiler and B31-1 codes to complete all storage on 

non-pressure holding tanks, as well as pressurized vessel repairs and alterations. 

Vessel Alteration &

Pasco is fully certified with the Alberta Boiler and B31-1 codes to complete all storage on 

non-pressure holding tanks, as well as pressurized vessel repairs and alterations. 


Pasco has an extensive line up of trucks and trucking equipment to meet your hauling needs, big or small. Long haul trucks, hot shot services and heavy duty machinery capable of moving pipe, facilites, etc. Our fleet includes the following equipment. 

Electrical & 

 We have highly skilled (Red Seal Certified) and dedicated workforce allowing us to be in control of each step of the job, ensuring you will always be getting the best possible service. Sick of waiting for the welder to show up or the electrician to complete their work? One company, one stop, we can offer cost and time efficiency when we are coordinating both services. 

Project Management
& Consultanting

Our project management team has a proven track record spanning several decades, and all manner of challenging projects. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that a project is planned, executed and completed in spec and within budget, safely and efficiently. 

Reclamation & 
Well Abadonment

We are all responsible for maintaining the environment for future generations. Responsible reclamation and abandonment practices are paramount to achieving that goal. Specializing in low-disturbance practices, Pasco is proud to offer full reclamation and abandonment services to ensure that they not only comply with all applicable environmental legislation, they help to ensure a healthy environment for our children and the generations to come.

Structural Steel

At Pasco, we have (Canadian Welding Bureau) CWB crew with a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. We have completed renovations, new constructions for schools, hospitals, medical facilities, and along with oilfield platforms, metal stairways, and plant expansion. We are well rounded in all aspects of industrial, commercial and residential steel structures and any miscellaneous metal works required. 

Custom Manufacturing

If you can dream it, Pasco can build it. Our team has designed and fabricated tool boxes, bumpers, custom cutouts/signs, fire pits, pontoon walkways, garbage enclosures and many more unique design. Pasco has all the necessary tools and experienced professions to get the job done. 





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